about us

things you might need to know about chelsea and mallory:

dont ever tell us we can't fit a massive entertainment center in the back of our [already full] car.... because we will prove you wrong.

it is not uncommon for us to change our names for the day just to get a good feel of pretending.

we have a loyal friend, whom we refer to as the curbside goddess. [not too many sidewalks here in this little city, so curbside it is] 

between the two of us, a pretty ballin' party can be planned. that's a promise.

we both have a kid. chelsea has a one year old little girl and mallory has a four legged fur child.

when accompanied by the other - getting [extremely] side-track is an understatement.

we believe wholeheartedly in one another.

we are  in this together.

fabric and furniture is something we [really.really.] fancy in a hard core kind of way.

take me free?
the easy explanation:

it's the story of two free spirited friends, their children, and the large amount of love they have for each other and making things unique.

here on this blog we plan to share some of our work and somewhere along the way we promise to squeeze in a story or two. if you see something here on the "take me free" blog that you are dying to call your own, don't be shy.... just send an email our way. :)


mallory + chelsea
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